Science is best learn hands-on. It makes the process much more enjoyable and the outcome much more efficient. We firmly believe we can bring about this change in the minds of children.
Great minds at IIM believed our service is innovative and scalable. We are an IIMB-NSRCEL incubated company. But that was not enough for us. We wanted the best in the field to validate out concepts and experiments. Professors from IIT Bhuvaneshwar validate our content to keep us 100% correct. It really cant get better than this….



– Completely aligned to school curriculum
– Provide lab apparatus/kits and ensure usage
– Dedicated Science Coaches in the classroom to ensure learning reaches the students without dilution (optional)
– Content Validation by IIT Professor
– No additional infrastructure,equipment,software costs(other than lab apparatus)
– Hands-on only model with a small group size of 5,ensures participation from every child
– Year round engagement