FAQs – Lab in the Classroom

We offer a service. We provide end to end solution by giving content, kits, a science coach and assessments at the end of the year. While experiments are done in class, students can also take home some of the completed experiments.

The science kits are not for the school to keep. We may store them in school on a temporary basis for convenience but clear them at the end of the year/term and restock for the next term/year.

However the schools can purchase science kits from us if they wish to.

Again this is the school’s choice. While by making it a mandatory program, maximum students can be benefitted, schools can also opt for the optional program. Whether mandatory or optional, the sessions are integrated into the timetable and delivered within school hours.

Both the options are possible. While we recommend that the science teacher takes the lead, we can also conduct the classes. We are also open to training the teachers and providing the material just in time, for classroom delivery.

The curriculum is not fixed. We only come with a repository of science experiments mapped by grade and Board. The science teachers and the content development team from ScienceHopper pick and choose from this repository keeping in mind what is best for the class. We are also open to designing new content if required by the school, within the limits of safety standards and implementability within the classroom.


As we come with an extensive database of experiments across various topics, we can map the content depending on the board and even the textbook followed by each school. That is why we say our content is co-created and completely customized as per the school’s requirements.

Apart from the ‘Lab in the Classroom’ service we also conduct short workshops like Family Science Day, Science of sports, science through stories, science fairs/exhibitions.
In case the schools want their teachers to get trained in hands-on science model, we provide a onetime teacher training service at a nominal cost.

Demonstrations are avoided unless there is a strong safety reason to do so. Science Experiments will be done by children in groups of 5. While the kits are packed for groups of 5, the instruction and observation sheets are for every student. The duration of each in-class touch point ranges from 60 to 80 minutes.
The school can also opt for science projects i.e. take-home activities where every student will get a kit and instructions to conduct the experiment. This is normally given out during holidays.

You can call us up and fix up a free trial class. We will be happy to give the teachers and the school management an experience of the entire cycle – freezing the content with the science teachers, training the teachers if they would like to take the lead in the classroom and being available in the classroom in the pre-fixed date with the science kits for all students.