“Science is a subject that has to be taught using experimentation which was previously not happening as we are using audio visuals for explaining science. After the introduction of ScienceHopper, we are happy that the children are experiencing what they are doing and they are even learning better than the previous years in the Science subject. We are very happy and want ScienceHopper do more programs for our school”

-Mrs. Hemavathi G, Headmistress, Nalanda Primary School, Bengaluru


“Our teachers are ready to experiment with anything new. So I didn’t have to think twice, we just took the whole concept forward. And a very tempting factor in this whole program was.. a representative from ScienceHopper is with us. Because whatever it is, when we give a readymade product to a teacher, it is not their brainchild. So possibility is there that they will not implement it the way it has to be done. So when we have someone from their own group working with our teachers, internalization happens better is what we believe. It is nice that we had the representatives coming for all the class and the kind of material they were using was also new and the latest kinds. So we didn’t have to think much on how we have to run it. The entire thing was taken over by them and the support was from the teachers of our school. And it was a learning process both for the child as well the teachers.”

-Sheela Raghavan, Principal, TI Matric HSS,Chennai


My son, Aditya who is 8 yrs old attended the ScienceHopper summer camp classes. He thoroughly enjoyed the program as he learnt simple experiments through easily available materials. He was very excited to talk about the experiments that he did in class everyday and looked forward to come to class every day. In fact he is very disappointed that the classes have got over.

Prachi, Suncity Resident. Her son attended summer camp at Mayflower Montessori School,Sarjapur


My son had a great experience attending the 10 day program at Mayflower School. He enjoyed doing experiments on topics like water, air, pollution, experiments on human body and science puzzles. We look forward to have more classes and will definitely recommend ScienceHopper to my friends. Great job guys

-Sandhya, Yash mother, Suncity Resident.Her son attended summer camp at Mayflower Montessori School, Sarjapur


The 2 day workshop was very nice, we did all the experiments ourselves with the help of the teacher. We made our own motor and we are very excited to try these experiments at home also.We gained a lot of knowledge through this workshop. Thank you teacher for being very interactive.

-Students of Nalanda English school who attended the Electricity and Magnetism workshop


My son Adit had a great time trying out science experiments all by himself. This experience has made him realise that science can be learnt in a different way. Although he had not learned the concept of Light and Sound in school, he was able to assimilate the concepts very well as he did it the hands-on way!

-Raka Singh, KalyanNagar resident